Identify and Fix 6 Fuel Economy Problems Common In Your Jeep

How To Fix Your Jeep’s Fuel Economy Problem

Fix a fuel economy problem in your jeep

Jeeps are incredibly popular in the US, with over 16% of US adults considering buying a Jeep over any other car or truck. Designed for off-roading excursions and all terrains, many owners take a lot of pride in their Jeep’s performance. In 2018, 973,227 Jeeps were sold in the US alone, up by over 50,000 from 2016 and a 10% increase from the previous year. As we adapt to life during a global pandemic in the US, more Americans are hoping to invest in an SUV or upgrade their current model to enjoy staycations and road trips with their family and friends, rather than venture overseas.

However, like any machine, a Jeep can sometimes breakdown and does require maintenance from time to time. If you’ve noticed that your Jeep is using a lot more fuel than it used to, or you find that you’re experiencing an off-road trip even when driving down the highway, you might need to replace the fuel injectors. In this article, we’re going to explore the benefits of investing in your Jeep and how to identify and fix a fuel economy problem.

5 Benefits Of Owning A Jeep

Whether you’ve got a 2006 Grand Cherokee, a 1996 Jeep Wrangler, or 1988 Jeep Comanche, you’ve got yourself a Jeep that's still going to serve you years and years ahead.  With some of the most reliable motors ever built, there are many Jeeps that are 10 or even 30 years old out there today.  Still Jeeping on the road, or offroad.  Here are 6 reasons why Americans love to drive a Jeep.

1: Off-Road Opportunity

Fixing Jeep Fuel Economy Problems

When you buy a Jeep you’re basically buying a dream. Being able to take your vehicle off-road means you’ll be able to plan road trips and exciting off-road excursions without worrying about your car. Most Jeeps are 4-wheel drive, which means you can take your car on the beach, over rough terrain and up pretty steep tracks with confidence.

2: Great Investment

Due to their performance, fuel economy and demand, you’re not going to lose that much money when you invest in a Jeep, no matter which model you choose. So if you decide to upgrade your vehicle, it’s going to hold it’’s value well and you won’t lose a serious amount of cash when you trade it in or sell it on.

3: Easy To Repair

Should something go wrong in your Jeep and you have some mechanical experience or knowledge, you’ll often be able to repair the car yourself, saving you time and money. Although be aware that some problems do require an expert who can carry out more technical repairs in relation to performance and fuel economy.

4: Comfort & Durability

Whether you’re planning to take the kids to explore the great outdoors, take your friends on a camping trip in the US, or set up an off-road experience business, Jeeps will give you comfort, durability and versatility on the road. This is perhaps why so many American families invest in a Jeep and will often keep their vehicle for many years.

5: Fuel Economy

When it comes to cars, you might think investing in a 4-wheel drive off-road vehicle will take up a lot of fuel, but actually, most models are pretty fuel-efficient. In fact, even the larger models with bigger engines are still designed to be fuel-efficient and help you save cash while filling up the tank. If you start to notice that your Jeep is taking more fuel than it used to, you may have a problem with your Jeep engine. In this case, you should contact our team at Precision Auto Injectors, as your fuel injectors could be the issue.


Fixing Jeep Fuel Economy Issues Problems


7 Signs You’ve Got A Fuel Injector Problem In Your Jeep

All vehicles require maintenance and if you notice that your Jeep isn’t quite working like clockwork anymore, you’ll need to investigate what’s causing the problem. As we mentioned before, most models of Jeep perform extremely well, even off-road and fuel-efficient, but if you suspect your car is using up way too much fuel and the performance has started to drop, you could have a problem with your Jeep engine. The fuel injectors are an important component in your Jeep and they spray fuel into the engine using electronic controlled valves. When these valves become dirty, damaged or broken, you’re no longer going to experience high performance or fuel economy in your Jeep. Here are 7 telltale signs that you have a fuel injector issue.

1: Problems with Performance

The Jeep’s engine performance can be significantly affected by the fuel injectors. If you notice stumbling, missing, or hesitation, it’s likely that your car has an issue with it's fuel injectors.  If performance problems continue even as the engine idles, you’ve probably found your culprit.

2: Engine Doesn’t Reach Full RPM

There are can be various reasons why your Jeep engine won’t reach full RPM. Fuel may be dribbling from the nozzle or angled improperly onto the wall of the cylinder.  Not able to properly combust, the fuel exits the tailpipe unburnt and your Jeep won't reach full RPM.

3: It’s A Rough Idle

If you feel as though you’re engine isn't running smoothly when you're driving, another indicator is a rough idle, this is not a good sign. A rough idle with shaking you can feel on your steering wheel is big red flag when it comes to your Jeep's fuel injectors. It’s best to get your vehicle checked out before things start to deteriorate and take a toll on your engine. A likely cause of a rough idle is an imbalance of fuel flow from your injectors across the cylinders.  The injectors receive the same signal to open, so if any are restricted the cylinders will not run in balance.  An easy indicator is a rough idle.  It’s best to get an expert to take a look, call us if you want to discuss your issue 407-536-4509.

Jeep Fuel Economy Issues Solved Problems

4: You’re Spending More On Fuel

Quite an easy issue to spot, if you’ve been spending more money to fill up your Jeep lately, and performance has dropped, this is a big indication that you need to replace the fuel injectors. Your Jeep should be giving you miles for your money and if it’s not, it’s time to investigate the issue.

5: Failed Emissions

If your Jeep has failed an emissions test recently, one reason could be leaky fuel injectors, spray pattern issues, or fuel injectors out of balance. Passing an emissions test relies on proper combustion.  Replacing your fuel injectors and restoring that lost performance, you should be able to pass the emissions test again.  Need help finding your emission issue's cause?  Call us we'll be glad to discuss your issue and evaluate a fuel injector solution that fits your needs.

6: Surging and Bucking

Is your Jeep surging and bucking? Well, this is a sign that your fuel injectors are either bad, faulty, dirty, clogged or leaking and will need to be replaced. Failing to fix the problem can cause further damage to your Jeep which could impact the value of your vehicle when you later decide to sell it on.

7: Heat Soak

If your Jeep injectors are overheating, this is known as heat soak and can seriously damage your car. This happens when heat from your engine bay soaks into the injectors. This can be caused by a lack of airflow within the Jeep engine, but it can also be a sign that you should replace your fuel injectors.  A lean condition can cause your exhaust temperatures to rise and therefore raising your engine bay temperatures.  Especially on the inline 6 motors that have fuel rails right above the exhaust manifold this can compound into a problem that vaporizes the fuel before it leaves the injectors!  If you let your injectors overheat on a regular basis, you’re going to dramatically reduce the lifespan of your fuel injectors.  From newer generation injector retrofit kits that are less prone to heat soak, to restoring the OEM injectors and lowering exhaust temperatures, Precision Auto Injectors has you covered.  

If any of the above sounds familiar, and you suspect your Jeep needs to have it’s fuel injectors replaced, feel free to reach out to our team today at Precision Auto Injectors. By replacing the fuel injectors within your Jeep engine you can enjoy a higher performance ride, burn fuel more efficiently and enjoy a more pleasurable Jeeping experience. With over 15 years of experience bringing Jeep Fuel Injection solutions, let our experts access your vehicle and get your Jeep back on the road.


Jeep Fuel Injector Heat Soak Issue Fixed

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