Precision Auto Injectors is a state of the art 3,000 square foot automobile servicing and remanufacturing facility located in Sanford, FL.  We have been in the business of remanufacturing automotive fuel injectors for over 10 years!  In this time we have become an industry leader in quality, affordability and dependability.  Each and every one of our fuel injector cores is put through a rigorous cleaning and testing process using ultrasonic cleaners and the ASNU Injector Diagnostic Testing and Servicing system before it is sold to our customers, ensuring the highest levels of reliability.


Our Service Process

  • Injector Coil is Tested
  • Injector exterior is cleaned
  • Dynamic Ultrasonic cleaning breaks up deposits
  • Reverse flush removes remaining debris and deposit
  • High pressure leak test is performed
  • Spray pattern and flow tests are performed
  • Injectors are Flow matched and assembled with all new components (o-rings and all new filters included)
  • Injectors are hermetically sealed and packaged for immediate shipping


Why buy from us?

You are guaranteed a smoother idle, better throttle response, and fuel economy!

Restore your fuel economy!  Did you know that fuel injectors are the most overlooked maintenance item in a vehicle.  In most cases they are easy to replace and pay for themselves within months in the amount of fuel savings you will receive.   Fuel economy increases of 5-15% are typical.  Drive 15,000 miles a year and improve your fuel economy from 14mpg to 15mpg (7.1% increase).  You will save 71 gallons of gas.  That's easily $300 in just one year with today's gas prices.  The savings don't end after a year either!   Your satisfaction is guaranteed!