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Bosch 3rd Gen Upgrade Fuel Injectors for 97-98 Ford 4.0L OHV Vin X w/ 0280155735

Full sets of 6 Fuel Injectors for one low price!!! 

Set of 6 upgrade rebuilt Bosch 3rd generation 4 hole fuel injectors that replace your Bosch OEM # 0280155735 in your Ford 4.0L OHV listed.  Check to make sure your original injector part # is 0280155735, these years came with two different injectors.  You can can call 407-536-4509 if you need help.  Explorers must have an 8th digit in the VIN of "X".  Our upgrade injectors are specifically chosen by us to provide you with the best atomization available vs. your stock injectors.  This will in turn allow your vehicle to burn fuel more efficiently.  Improvements will be seen in fuel consumption, low-end torque and smoothness. Injectors are cleaned and tested to perform as they would new. 

100% Plug and Play installation.  No modifications, tuning, or splicing required! Injectors have the EV1 connector so they plug right into the factory harness without modifications.

 Upgrades for all models equipped with 0280155735 injectors listed in our compatibility search on the site or call us for verification if you need assistance.  These will be plug and play for engines from stock or packed with bolt-on modifications (air intake, exhaust, headers, even a mid-sized cams).  Improved atomization helps your engine burn fuel easier and increase performance and economy. All sets are ASNU serviced at our state of the art facility and packaged in flow matched sets of 2% or less.  Lifetime replacement warranty on these injectors.