Precision Auto Injectors

Diagnosing your Jeep's can fuel injectors can seem like a challenge. Let's go over somethings you can do to determine if you're problems are fuel injector related or not.

 Whether your Jeep is 10 years ago or 25 years ago, you've got fuel injectors installed on the engine.  Unfortunately they're also the most commonly overlooked item on a maintenance schedule due to their high dealer cost.  Most can't pay $80-100 a piece when you have four, six, or eight of them!  Typically injectors are used until they're failing and that can be a long dwindling road.  We inherently get used to our vehicles and forget how good they once ran.  Let's see if you are suffering from this.  

Most Jeep fuel injectors from the mid 1980s to mid-late 2000s were made by Siemens Deka.  We'll go over each style of injector and their most common flaws.


Siemens First Generation Metal Bodied Fuel Injector

This injector debuted on Jeeps in 1987 and brought a more precise (to about 7%) fuel distribution method to each cylinder over carbed and TBI motors.  The injector consisted of a a two piece body that has a steel lower end and